Friday, 29 June 2012


End of the week again.End of Olympic week too.  It's been good fun one way and another although I will be glad to get back to what passes for normality on Monday.  Yesterday was Australia and in particular Aborigine artefacts.  The children were fascinated and so was I.  J, my co-year 1-teacher, has Australian connections and not only does she know a lot, she also has the artefacts to prove it. 

I had to check the spelling of 'artefact'.  It's one of those words that looks accurate both ways to me.  I now know that in America they spelling with an 'i' and here it's an 'e'.  So that's something learned.

I've just been out to water my tomatoes and, to my great delight, every plant now has baby tomatoes growing.  Nice and early this year - well, earlier than last year anyway.  Last year, as I have whinged far too often, the fruit didn't start ripening until the end of August/beginning of September, which made the eating season quite short.  I'm hoping for better things this season.

As well as that I pulled my first radishes from the little willow planter yesterday and noted that a few of the little gem lettuces are about ready.  I also noticed several dead snails (serves them right) and evidence that a cat has been scrabbling in the soil - all the baby carrots are broken and torn.  Grrr.  So that's me off to the garden centre for some moggy deterrent tomorrow. 

Better get going.  I have a kitchen to tidy and a lunch to make.

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