Thursday, 28 June 2012


Good morning, everyone!  It feels quite a lot fresher than yesterday at the moment, thank goodness, With the front window and the back door, the house feels pleasantly fresh.

When it's our library day I like to take my children out for a ten minute run round before we go there - they need the exercise and library is scheduled when there's afternoon play.  Yesterday, some of my more energetic little boys decided that they would play relay races so they started zooming up and down the playground, tagging each other in a relay sort of way.  When they were puffed out, they all clustered around to chat.

Energetic Little Boy 1:   Mrs Clark, we're training.  We're practising so that when it's the *real* Olympics we can take part!
                                                              (not a clue where they got that idea from)
E L B 2:   I know, let's practise something else.  What else do they do at the Olympics?
E L B 3:   er . . . how about a hopping race?
E L B 1:   Good idea.  Come on . . .

And off they all swarmed to hop madly around the playground leaving me to wonder when hopping became an official Olympic sport!

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