Saturday, 16 June 2012

In memory.

At Grandad's magic castle by the sea.

Holiday! The smell of sheep and sea
And sun cream. Patient Skipperdog to pat,
A vegetable garden on the table mat,
I buzzed around, a happy bumblebee.

An upside down house; stairs and stairs and stairs,
Of secret rooms and ceilings in the sky.
Grandad singing cheerful lullabies,
Donating coins to infant millionaires.

And from my treehouse attic room I’d dream
Of morning time, and Grandad calling down,
We’d navigate the steepness to the town,
For buckets, windmills, hats and soft ice cream.

A world away, but fresh in memory
At Grandad’s magic castle by the sea.

(reproduced by permission of the author, DD.  Please ask for permission if you wish to copy it)

Rest in peace, Devon Grandad

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