Saturday, 30 June 2012


Well, Olympic week is over.  The Infants' closing ceremony was good.  Parading round the field waving flags, singing our two Olympic songs, giving out the results of the medal table and dousing the flames (OK, taking the tissue paper out of the cardboard cone, if you want to be totally accurate).  Quite sad, in a way.  I have one abiding memory though.  Although it was sunny, there was a fresh breeze blowing from time to time.  While they were all sitting down in front of me, suddenly a very strong wind blew straight across from left to right and, as if they were puppets on one string, every child lifted up his or her flag to catch the wind which blew the flags straight out.  The look of sheer delight and awe on their faces was unforgettable.  Being the Infant coordinator, I was standing up in front, leading it all, so I caught the full beauty!

When we were looking for songs for this week, we couldn't find very much, but there were one or two ideas that I tossed around, reworded and made to work for us.  I was quite pleased with the last verse of 'It's the Olympic Games' which we sang to the tune of 'Skip to my Lou'.  The children liked it anyway!

We did our best, slow or fast.
Whether we're first or whether we're last.
Young or old, we've had a blast!
It's our Olympic Games!

And now it's the weekend.  I'm up at stupid o'clock because I went to sleep at stupid o'clock yesterday evening.  Well out of it by 7:30, in a chair, upstairs just after eight and straight back to sleep again!  I've had a good night's sleep!!!  Really I have.

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