Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday morning

It was nice to be greeted by the sun this morning after so many damp and dismal days.  I'm sure it won't last all day - it keeps clouding over and it feels extremely humid, but even so, it's a very cheering sight.

Yesterday was a busy day and this morning looks to be even busier.  I have some friends coming to stay for a few days so need to get things sorted and ready (and do a bit of a clean up).  Last time I went shopping I saw that Morrisons has some fairly cheap mixed beef and pork mince that really didn't look all that bad, so I got some, thinking that it could be very tasty, and made a tomato-ey savoury mince with it.  I was right, it really isn't bad at all and already a lasagne for tonight has been prepared and cooked, ready for a re-heating when it is needed.  I did a huge one despite it only being for three because I want to freeze some for school lunches.  Now we have our new staffroom with a proper table and chairs, it is a positive pleasure and a very sociable experience to sit around the table and eat lunch and many of us are now bring in 'leftovers' to reheat in the microwave.  I am therefore hoping there will be at least three portions left over to pop into carefully kept plastic takeaway containers, cover and freezer and then lift out the morning it is required for a tasty lunch.  As well as that, there were two portions of savoury mince left over too and they will follow the same path (to have with pasta or rice). 

This afternoon we hope to go shopping although how much we do really does depend on the weather (which has gone all cloudy again).  We will see!

The garden is growing very fast, looking extremely lush and green although, unfortunately, the weeds are also taking advantage of the warm humidity and will need George's firm hand on Saturday.  We cancelled last week because of the weather and boy, can't you tell!!!!

Well, sitting here won't get the living room tidied up so I'd better go.  Have a good day.

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