Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday morning

The sun is shining.  No rain!  At the moment it's gorgeous outside.  I wonder if it will stay like that!  All day?  That would be great.

We did get our field walk yesterday.  It dried up a bit after play so we stayed out and jolly interesting it was too, especially in the garden club area.  There was loads to see and loads to learn.  Well worth getting slightly damp.

Google maps and Google Earth are brilliant resources for an infant teacher.  Starting with the whole world in space, identifying continents (some are getting really good at this) and then gradually zooming in until we are over the school - well, they found it awesome!  Literally awesome.  And then plotting where we walked, the areas we looked at and togther producing a map - Google is such a help.  It literally opens up the world!  Now they want to zoom in on other places too, including where they went/will be going on holiday, where granny lives, places we have talked about (e.g. the Himalayas) and so on.  And I don't see why not!  It's not in the planning but they are excited and interested and that's worth its weight in gold!

Good for Google!

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