Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday morning

Well, here we are at the start of the Jubilee weekend and it's classic Bank Holiday weather.  Raining and chilly.  Poor old Queen, having to sit on a boat and sail down (or is it up) the Thames this afternoon.  If the weather stays like this it isn't going to be a whole bundle of fun for her, or for any taking part in the parade.  It was such a lovely idea too, making a very welcome change from the usual street parade.

And us?  Well, we are carrying on with our cul de sac party tomorrow, although the forecasted weather is even less promising that today's.  We're gathering together gazebos, big umbrellas and hoping.  If the wind gets up, even that will be problematic.  But we're British.  We carry on!  :0)

Today is going to be a busy day.  In a short while I will be having my bath and getting off to Sainsburys to do shopping enough for a long weekend.  After that it's making the coronation chicken and sundry other foody things and then tidying up and generally making ready.

Better get going then!

Nice bright photos to counter balance the dreary weather - some views of my classroom last week!

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