Saturday, 2 June 2012

Saturday evening

Oh dear, oh dear, I did get my days muddled this morning, didn't I?  See, although it said Saturday, subconsciously I thought it was Sunday because I wasn't in school yesterday.  That's my excuse anyway.

So the Queen has her river parade tomorrow and what a shame because today the afternoon turned out pleasantly sunny while tomorrow looks as if it's going to be absolutely dire.  Nice cul de sac neighbours have been clearing their garages for the food to go in, gazebos have been bought (I gather we got the last two on sale in Argos) and bunting is going up.  The witches of Pickwick (and their other halves) can put on a great show.

I have been making the filling for the Coronation Chicken vol au vents.  The chicken breasts have poached in a mixture of chicken stock, garam masala, a stick of cinnamon and sundry other flavourings and is now cooked, chopped and in the fridge.  The liquor it poached in is being reduced because I bet it will make a great base for a chicken curry.  The curry paste has been made.  The home made mayo is ready.  The Greek yogurt is bought.  The vol au vent cases are in the freezer.  It's all go!!!
And any left-over mixture will make a nice dip, zizzed down a bit!  Can't lose, can we?  Rain or no rain, bring it on!

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