Friday, 22 June 2012


Another week (almost) down, four to go.  We're ready for the break.  Every year, for most of the year, it is easy to forget that overwhelming sense of weariness that hits at about this time.  I'm not completely sure why that should be but I see it in my colleagues' faces and know that mine reflects the same thing back to them.  I wake tired and go downhill from there!

The above sounds like a moan.  It isn't, honestly, it's just saying it how it is.  And I think it is essential to acknowledge it because otherwise all the little niggles would become great big crashes between us and that wouldn't help one bit.

And - most importantly - if the adults are feeling frazzled, the children are probably feeling equally so, if not more.  A little understanding goes a lot way.  Their pace of work has slowed down, their usual joie de vivre has gone walkabout and they are getting nit-picky and snappy when feeling under pressure.  The wise teacher acknowledges this and makes room for it!  And thanks his/her lucky stars that the end is nigh.

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