Saturday, 18 August 2018


Good morning.
Again, thank you all for your kind comments yesterday.  After a bit of a setback over Thursday night, Dad continued to improve.  I mixed him up some more re-hydration stuff (good old Google) and he started eating a little bit through the day.  I'm hoping that the improvement will continue through today.
He has to go for a blood test to check another condition that could very well be affected by this so fingers crossed that is OK too.

Apart from that, it was a day doing things that Dad would normally do.  Maria, the care assistant, came and did her very helpful best, I washed, line dried and ironed (nothing new there) and picked veg, cooked meals and took Mum for her check-up.  All in a day's work.

Today I am out to do an early morning shop and then I think Dad will be wanting to resume his normal routines.  It's a relief that he seems to be getting better again.  A bug like that is no joke at nearly 90!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fine weather if you get some.


  1. I'm so pleased to read your dad is on the mend. Having a bug is no fun at all, he must be made of strong stuff.
    It must be a relief knowing you are able to help out if ever necessary.
    Fingers crossed the blood test goes OK. X

  2. So sorry to hear that your Dad has been unwell as you say it is no joke at his age but a good job you are a caring daughter and have dealt with the situation. I hope he continues to improve even if it is little steps.

  3. Your Dad seems to be coping remarkably well, must be made of strong stuff! Best wishes for the blood test.

  4. So pleased to hear he's on the mend. D&V bugs in older people are a real worry. Hope the blood tests are ok xxx

  5. Good to hear your dad's a bit better. It's such a worry when our elderly parents are unwell, especially when they live a distance away. I guess caring for our parents is payback for all the care they gave us when we were young.