Wednesday, 8 August 2018


Good morning, everyone

Most of yesterday was so baking hot that I stayed in and under cover.  During the afternoon the clouds rolled in but, to my dismay, no rain came.  Well, just a few drops that didn't even wet the ground.  I think it made up for that overnight and it's delightfully cool now although it's still quite dark and I am reminded again that the nights are lengthening noticeably.  It's bliss to feel cool and to have had a decent night's sleep too.

I managed to get one load of washing dry and would have managed two except that I was too lazy to get it out.  Well, not entirely lazy: over lunch I had a visit from an old friend who has been asked to lead a service in the crematorium for another friend, someone who occasionally came to our girls' dinners and who I have known for decades, on and off.  We had a good old chat about this mutual friend and I hope it helped in the preparation thereof.

THEN I was too lazy - and I did think it was going to rain.  That's my excuse anyway.

However, I did deal with that horrible thistle earlier in the morning.  The root went right through the pot and out the bottom into the pot underneath that pot.

I didn't know thistle stems were hollow but this one certainly was!

It's almost a 'what is this' type photo, isn't it?
It amazes me that the pot was so bone dry (as was the one underneath) that I had to soak the contents to deal with the bulbs but that perishing thistle was growing inches each day, green and lush.

I have one more tuition session this morning and then the day is my own.  At the moment I am dithering between going into town to look round the cathedral and going to the gym for a swim.  I think the latter will win out as I haven't been swimming for days and, after all, I have subscribed for the year.  The cathedral won't go away - I hope!

I won't need to go to the allotment today.  There will be some tomatoes to pick but they won't hurt for one more day and more rain is forecast so no need to water, I hope.

And I feel . . . cool.   Aaaaahhhhhhh!


Sooze said...

Definitely much cooler today, thankfully, it was getting to the stage where I was feeling I just couldn't cope with the heat a minute longer.

It always amazes me how much the weeds still grow when nothing much else is!

Joy said...

It is because they are totally evil and on the dark side, that's why. They never seem to give up either. Definitely among the survivors of this world.
It was pretty difficult over the past few days, wasn't it. It's lovely to smell the freshness in the air. Mind you, yesterday it didn't help that some local farmer was muck spreading of some kind. :-)

Jules said...

I'm glad you've got some respite from the heat now.
It always amazes me just how the weeds thrive, whatever the weather. X

Eileen T said...

Yesterday was actually much cooler with a strong breeze but no sign of rain and I was wearing a cardigan at one point. Today looks much the same though we're supposed to have some rain later this afternoon.

Enjoy your swimming. How's the weight loss progressing?

Annabeth said...

Wow, it's a triffid no more!!

Sue in Suffolk said...

I need to get weeding too now it's cooled down a bit.

Diane said...

At last a bit of cool and I feel less like a dishcloth and more like a human

Joy said...

Pesky weeds, whether they be triffids or what, they are an ongoing thorn in the flesh! :-)

Eileen - sadly, I have put on a bit of weight but I'm on it now and it's coming off again. I'm looking forward, not back!

No excuses now, Sue. I have to do some more weeding down the allotment at some point too. The garden isn't too bad at the moment.


galant said...

So glad you dealt with the Triffid, Joy! Nasty creature that it was!
Cooler here today, but no rain as yet. Temp in hall 20C where as a day or two ago it was 30C. Now, 20C would seem warm usually, but this morning it actually feels cool! I think today will be a gardening day, there is a breeze out there but nice enough for us to be outside and not sweltering.
Margaret P

Joy said...

I'm finding that breeze pretty refreshing too today. It really is lovely.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

We have two giant thistles here (not weeds) but you wouldn't want to grow them in a small garden. They too are hollow stemmed - they are bigger than me and self seed in our cottage garden so we never know where they will appear next.
You have just given me an idea for a post -I am so used to my thistles that I have never though to write about and photograph them but they are interesting!

Joy said...

Viv, actually, they are interesting, I agree. I do like those huge ornamental ones but not for my space. When you want them there, they are not weeds, of course. :-) I look forward to reading your post.