Sunday, 26 August 2018


Good morning, everyone.  We're back to dull mornings again today and we had more rain last night.  More rain is forecast for this afternoon too so it's just as well we did allotment stuff yesterday.

It was another good day!  Alex stayed the morning and I took him home just before lunch time.  At three I met up with Beth at the allotment and we mowed, uprooted, weeded, cleared and harvested.  The mange tout are gone now - they've been a big disappointment this year but we'll probably give them another go next year and choose the seeds carefully.  Perhaps it was the dry weather - it was hard to give such an expanse enough water by watering can but it could just have been that they didn't like the heat.
Anyway, we picked baby corn (nearly over now), runner beans (doing better there than in my garden), courgettes and tomatoes.  We shared the corn and Beth had the rest as I have tomatoes and runners at home.  There were six raspberries so we shared them and ate them there and then.  Then we had a go at the apple tree.  Lift each apple and if it is ripe it will come off with a very gentle tug/slight twist.  We both took some home!  The pears (I've discovered that they are Williams pears) are not ready yet, neither are the redloves.

It was nice to get some of the weeds cleared - it was beginning to look a bit tatty.  There's more to do but we have broken the back of it for the moment and from the path it looks lovely again.  We just don't look too closely at the potatoes which are riddled with weeds.  :-)

Today I shall be going swimming in less than an hour and then the day's my own.  Nothing in the diary.  I'm feeling quite weary so will take things easy.  I shall turn some tomatoes into passata for the freezer (great for winter soups) and I might make some bread.  I haven't made bread for ages as I eat very little nowadays, mainly because the liver shrinking/happy gallbladder eating didn't really lend itself to much in the bread line.  I think I'll make one loaf and the rest will be rolls.  That will do nicely.

Have a very pleasant day, everyone, whatever the weather!


  1. A well earned rest today after yesterday. Enjoy making the bread - I haven't made bread in a long time - I prefer making pastry but we don't eat much these days. Hoping it stays fine so we can get to the open gardens. Looks dry outside at the moment.

  2. The weeds will get dug up with the potato lifting ... two jobs in one, bargain!

  3. It's cold here and pouring with rain. I think it's been raining steadily all night and doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon. I've given in and put the heating on for a while!

    Hope you have a lovely restful day x

  4. Diane, thank you very much. I intend to. I've done my swim and i was great, I've had my breakfast (yum) and I'm just chilling in front of the PC while the dough rises. What more could I ask?
    Viv, my fingers are crossed for you. It's OK here but getting duller and duller so I reckon the weathermen got it about right.
    An, hi and welcome! You are absolutely right, they will, that's our reasoning too.
    Eileen, that sounds extremely damp. Thank goodness for central heating. I've dug out my fleeces and shall use them if it gets colder. I don't care if it makes me look like the old granny I am. Warm is better!

    Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone. xx

  5. Wow sounds like you were really busy at the allotment. Doesn't it always seem to rain on a bank holiday weekend? Lol. Mum says the weather hasn't been so good since I left so it seems I picked the right time to come this year!

  6. Sharon, yes, it's a bit of a joke really about rain and bank holidays although today is looking more hopeful than yesterday. Your mum is right, you had the finest weather.

    Gill, yes, it did, thanks, it's now all sliced, wrapped and in the freezer to avoid temptation!