Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Turkey pondering

Perhaps it would look a lot less as if it had been trampled on in a riot if I had actually used a sharp knife to carve it.

I did try, honestly.  I used my best knife and I used my good knife sharpener thingy, but even so, it was not good.  In fact, it was bl**d* awful!  The fact is, all my knives need a proper professional sharpen to get the edge back again, even the little ones.

But how do you do this nowadays?  We have a key cutter/knife sharpener shop in town.  But how do you get your knives there when you are forbidden by law to carry knives?  In the olden days you wrapped them in an old tea towel, popped the resulting bundle in a carrier bag, marched down to the shop and hey presto, lovely newly sharpened knives.  All you had to do was pay the bill.  And in the even more olden days, when we lived in Aston, a little village south of Derby, a man came round now and again with his own equipment and did the necessary close to your own front door.  I bet he made a bomb close to Christmas.

My dad had a proper steel.  Not one of those that you whisk the knife up and down in the manner of a professional chef.  One on his workbench, solid and heavy and requiring oil.  I used to 'help' him sometimes.  He was remarkably patient, I reckon.

I think I will pop into town once normality returns and ask at the shop what the regulations are.  Because there's no doubt about it, my knives need a proper sharpen!!!

The turkey still tastes great though!

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