Tuesday, 4 December 2012


It has all turned topsy turvy again, weather wise.  After a very cold weekend followed by a milder Monday with rain, it has turned cold again and there's quite a frost out there.  I suppose that's about right for December and I remember when I were a lass t'was cold and frosty every day!

An interesting day yesterday.  As I said, I was out of class for interviews.  I do enjoy interviewing when I'm on the asking side!  It's only recently, as a senior management team member that I have been involved in this sort of thing and it's good.  There was stuff to sort out after the interviews were over so it was a pretty busy day all round.

Today is 'disrupted'.  There's all the adevnt stuff from Saturday to do, two ecards to open and read, songs to practice, a dance practice after play and then, in the afternoon, the first full run through.  We will be worn out by the end of the day.  I guess I will be able to fit in phonics and maybe a little bit of literacy or maths, but that's all.

And I must remember to make crowns for the kings!!

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