Friday, 7 December 2012


It was a very odd day yesterday.  Very odd indeed.  Starting at ten seemed to go down well with many parents, judging by comments overheard but for us, in school, it was weird waiting around for things to get going when normally we would be well into things by then.
The roads weren't good and the pavements were shockingly slippery.  As for the playgrounds, they were so dangerous we kept the children in all day and they were cordoned off (playgrounds, not children).

The rehearsal went ahead, not at the planned time, of course, but that didn't matter.  It went well, I think.  I'm just so submerged in it all I only see the mistakes, but those TAs and cover teacher who were seeing it for the first time said that it was lovely with a couple of real tear-creating moment (in the nicest way).  Today is the dress rehearsal when we also perform to the Juniors and see what delights the parents have provided in the way of costumes.

I woke in the night remembering that the Kings are still presenting  two shakers and a paint pot to the baby Jesus, and couldn't get to sleep again.  Never mind, I have suitable containers now and will cover them with shiny paper when I get to school.  Every year I forget that detail and I swear I will go online and Google for gold, frankincense and myrrh one of these days!

Yes, we started the shakers.  It was very interesting watching them dealing with sellotape, masking tape or glue as they tried to stick their two plastic cups together after putting in the filling.  I'm afraid one highlight was watching a little lad carefully place tape on one of the cups, carefully lift the other cup up to lower it on top of the bottom cup and watch in dismay as his filling fell out all over the table!  Something learnt there, I suspect.

And after school Julie, Linda and I met at the Hare for our Christmas meal together.   Ooooh, it was lovely.  They had given us a big round table near the fire so we had bags of space for all out clutter (pressies and cards) and J and I decided to go home by taxi and have wine - so we did. 

And now it's getting to feel a lot like Christmas . . .

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