Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Well, I'm sure you will be glad to know that the first of the three performances of Shine Star, Shine went well.  The costumes stood the strain well, the cast remembered all their words and spoke up really well, the acting was great, the Kings remembered to stand up on time and the only down bit was that some of the singing was lacklustre.  Cue for nags in Infant Singing today!

Just between me and my blog readers, I was really chuffed at how well the children have taken to the song wot I wrote!  The first time through is a duet by two little year two boys with lovely 'childlike' voices and then the second time through everyone joins in.  It was the best singing of the whole show, which, seeing as it's the last song, was great!  I could see several of the audience wiping tears away surreptitiously.  It was beautiful - the five stars standing on the bench behind, the manger scene with Mary, Joseph, the Angel, the Shepherds and the Kings and the two little lads in front singing their hearts out.  Very Christmassy!

The rest of the day passed in a haze of not-a-lot-of-stuff-going-on.  By the time they had got changed and had a playtime, there wasn't an awful lot of time left before lunch.  The afternoon was taken up with swimming and that was that.  The hardest bit was making sure they all took their costumes and their swimming bags home with them!  Some seemed determined to leave one or other behind.

And today - well, it's a full day of work for once.  That will be a relief for us all, I think.  And then the second performance will be at six o'clock.  So a long day, not only for the staff but also for the children, although better than previous years when the first evening performance was at seven o'clock.

And now I'd better go and get ready.

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