Sunday, 9 December 2012


It feels as if yesterday was nothing but shortbread, all day.  I now have two big boxes full for freezing.

I did two different kinds.  The cranberry and vanilla ones were lovely.  I'm not so sure about the chocolate ones, I think they need some ooomph.  I will get some white chocolate today, melt it down and zizz it over the shortbread.  I think that will work fine.  They taste fine but I think the texture isn't quite short enough.  I'm going to have another go this morning, using a touch more flour.

Apart from that I spent most of the day sleeping.  It's this cold, of course, so sleeping is probably the best thing for me.  It seems to be lifting a bit now - I woke this morning feeling not quite so disgusting, thank goodness.

 Today I need to do some shopping so will be hammering on Morrison's doors at ten.  After that it's normal stuff.  So I'd better make that shopping list before I fell asleep again! 

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