Thursday, 13 December 2012


In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron
Water like a stone

OK, so maybe we haven't got the moaning wind, but the rest is a perfect description of my world when I peeped out earlier.  Brrrrr - so cold!  I gather it is expected to warm up a bit tomorrow but right now it is cold and bleak and frosty.

The whole Christmas Show thing is now over, all bar ordering and distributing the DVDs of the recording of last night's performance.  In a way, a pity it wasn't Tuesday that was recorded because last night was punctuated by little glitches all the way through.  It started most inauspiciously with me forgetting the narrators' books and, bless them, they boldly and bravely spoke out from memory while I rushed back to my bay to find them.  A king dropped his gift with a loud clatter, one of the stars dried at one point,  but dear me, it was little children doing what comes naturally and they were all absolutely charming.

The singing was OK though apart from the last song where they got a little over-enthusiastic.  I indulged in a little bribery and corruption beforehand - house points for the class that sang the best.  Bad me!  It worked though.

This next bit is for Sarah - here are the words:

It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time
At the closing of the year
It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time
As the merry bells ring loud and clear.
It's getting closer every day
With a star that shines to light the way
It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time
Merry Christmas to you
Merry Christmas to you.

 . . . and hopefully I will get round to notating the accompaniment at some point!  See - very light but the children liked it and it was right for the end of the show.  And a lot better than 'we wishhhhhhhhhhhhh you a Merry Chrissssssssssssstmas . . .' etc

The children are all going to be so tired today after three performances - several were tearful in the bay after the show - but we have the perfect antidote today.  Pantomime!!  For several years now we have booked a travelling theatre group to come in and do a pantomime in the morning for the infants and in the afternoon for the juniors.  They are very good and the children have a wonderful time.  I'm looking forward to it very much.  And thank you to the parents' association for funding it.

And then in the afternoon - well, more Christmas art, I guess.  Baubles, maybe, or stand up angels with doyley wings or perhaps we will start on the Christmas cards.  We will see!  All jolly good fun anyway and an easy ride for them.

Must remember to order a DVD today!

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