Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Another very cold and frosty morning today.  I do like the freshness that fills my lungs when I step out of the house and about half past seven on these chilly morning.  Much nicer than damp drizzle.  And I'm not on playground duty today, which is a bonus!

Yesterday was such a busy day.  Rehearsals virtually filled the day with the first complete run through in the afternoon.  It really wasn't bad for a first time.  Plenty of room for improvement, of course, but lots of good things and no real disasters.  We could have put that on as a main show and it would have been not too bad, but our shows are better than 'all right' (I hope) so it's all systems go from now on.

Today is PPA, ICT, D&T and SM!  SM is Staff Meeting.  Do you know what the rest are?

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