Friday, 28 December 2012


Nearly the end of the first week of the school holidays and how it has dragged!  I don't usually say this, do I?  However, it's true, time has really slowed down and it feels as if it ought to be more like the middle of next week.  I guess that as soon as I am feeling better, time will speed up again and I shall blink and find that it's back to school the next day (and no planning!).

I AM starting to feel better at long last now.  The aches and the giddiness have subsided and it's all descending onto chest and sinuses but at least things are 'moving'.  I won't go into any more detail here!

Over the last few days I've had some fun designing and crocheting some 'hand warmers'.  These are not exactly fingerless gloves as there are no fingers that stop short and just a hole for the thumb, but they should be jolly useful when on playground duty in the colder weather.  The number of times I have to pull off my gloves in order to deal with a request from a child.  This way I won't have to.  A colleague had her birthday towards the end of last term and, me being me (and busy), I didn't get round to getting her a gift.  I think a pair of these would be quite nice.
However, I can't find my pot of sewing-in needles and there are a number of loose ends, plus a dinky little flower to sew onto the back.  If it doesn't turn up, I will have to go to Hobbycraft (oh, the hardship) to get some more.  I can be sure of finding some there: Morrison's sells needles but not the wide-eyed ones needed for sewing in wool ends.  I am rather fussy about the finishing off - a loose end astray spoils the whole product for me and I try to secure every spare end neatly - not always that simple and easy.
Once they're done I will try to remember to post a photo.

I do also have to go to Morrison's too though.  I want to finish off the leftovers today and I need some root veg, etc., for the chunky soup.  Once that's done and it and all the remaining bits are in the freezer, I can sort out the fridge and get everything in order again.  There's a fair amount of stuff in the shed but that will be generally absorbed into household eating.

And then I will make the lentil and chestnut soup for New Year's Eve.  That's the soup I intended to make for Christmas Eve but which never happened.  I'm determined to make it by hook or by crook.  It looks and sounds lovely.

And if I get half of that done it'll be a right miracle!

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