Saturday, 1 December 2012


And so it is December.  First of the last, so to speak, and heralded in by a very heavy and beautiful frost.  Gratitude for central heating comes very high on my list at the moment.  As long as it just stays like this.  I love snowdays but not just before the Christmas Show. 

Yesterday was a good day with lots of stuff done, meetings held, decisions made and it was all generally very satisfying indeed.  Today I still feel the buzz so intend to make the most of it.  Morrisons had cranberries in so I bought some to make cranberry chutney for gifts.  I need to get some other things so will have to go shopping first, but that's OK.  The processor will be pressed into use as there's a lot of chopping and slicing involved!

Then there's the usual washing, drying and ironing to get sorted and the house to clean and tidy (or the other way round) and I must remember that with Christmas stuff looming, I need to do a proper job, not just the bits that show.  I also have a bit of carpet to clean using the new toy!

And then I want to start making shortbread thingies - shortbread freezes well enough so it's something I can do well in advance.

With all that on, I must make two lists - one for shopping and one for doing.  George comes a bit later today as he's taking his driving theory test today.  GOOD LUCK, GEORGE - but when did he get old enough to start learning to drive???

And finally I need to go into school.  Yesterday I went into the Jacquie Lawson card site and bought her latest Advent Calendar.  Last year's was a sheer delight, based on London, loved by my children and my colleagues alike.  This years is based around an alpine village.  It arrived in my mailbox seconds after I ordered it so today I go into school and install it on my laptop connected to the white board.  Can't wait.
Here's the link and I recommend it unreservedly.  Never was £2 better spent!

As it is Saturday, I'm going to spend more time trawling around my mailbox before I start the day's work - nice and relaxing.  Have a lovely day, gentle readers, and stay warm!

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