Saturday, 29 December 2012


The last entry finished off 'If I get half of that done it'll be a miracle'.   Well, no miracle appeared, I did a bit of Morrison's shopping and felt really rough when I got home so that was that!  Once the shopping was away, out came the crochet and I settled down for an afternoon of snoozing and crocheting.  I think I have just about 'perfected' my pattern now and am using a bit of my lovely Christmas yarn from Beth to try the final  version out, fingers crossed.

While in Morrison's, I saw they had some kettles at half price.  This one was a good one, a Breville, and nice looking too.  I've been umming and ahing about my kettle because the 'on' light no longer works and it is taking longer and longer to boil.  It's quite old as kettles go: it was one of the appliances I didn't replace when they kitchen was redone with the extension because I liked it, there was nothing wrong with it and it did a good job.  It's certainly earned its space over the years but now it will be retired to the land where all good kettles finally go.  Which reminds me - must go and do the next boiling up thing with the new kettles to prepare it for use!

That's about it really.  Still feeling a bit rough as the cough has now started and the muscles are aching, but it's a step on so I'm trying not to whinge too much.  The sinuses have settled down though, which is a blessing!  I'm counting them!

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