Thursday, 13 June 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It wasn't a particularly nice day yesterday, undulating beween dull and dry to dull and rather wet but the sun is trying to shine right bow.  It might be temporary but it's very cheering and, if it's the only sun we get today, I will be glad I saw it.  I have a whole load of strawberries on the cusp of ripening and all they need is a bit of warmth and sunshine so my fingers are crossed.  It would be great to take some to Dad's tomorrow.

At least having to stay in yesterday focused my mind wonderfully well.  I'm delighted to say that the blue room is now finished apart from a pile of books and remaking the beds.  I got the old (clean but dusty) bedding off and in the wash so I will get it ironed this morning, aired and back on again and once the books are down, that will be that.
In the process I discovered that two of the drawers under the beds are empty and, as they can only store light stuff, I could perhaps pop some of the Christmas fabrics there - bunting, napkins, fleece and tablecloths, which would free up a shelf for heavier things.  Hmmm - it looks as if there might be a little more adjusting to do but, really, I am happy with it right now, so any such thing can wait.

All of upstairs is now sorted, done and dusted apart from what is now Beth's workroom and that is not my responsibility (apart from the books and, yes, I do have more work to do there).  But both the bedrooms and the bathroom are now in good nick.

I've just thought - the airing cupboard is a bit of a shambles so I guess that's the next task.  There's always something.

On the garden front, Jeff turned up and put in one hour's work on the front which now looks pretty respectable apart from a little strip of gravel that is all weeks and pretty persistent ones at that.  We had a talk about it and I decided that it needs all the gravel removing, the remaining weeds dug out as much as possible, the ground flattening and covered with membrane and I rather fancy some of that blue slate on top.  So that's what he is going to do next time he comes.  In the meanwhile, if the weather permits, I shall attack the weeds with some spray.

Finally, I lost two pounds at SW so I'm very happy about that!

It's bin collection day today, thank goodness, and as well as the green box with glass and metal recycling, I have rather hopefully put out some 'small electrical equipment' that they should take at the same time.  We will see, won't we?  If they don't, it'll mean a trip to the dump at some point - I am sure I can gather together enough stuff to make a trip worth while.

This evening, it is pottery class.  the last leaf coaster should be finished and I will struggle on with the bowl which will have dried and now needs smoothing off.  What's the betting it will break apart in my hand - with the luck I've had with it, I wouldn't be at all surprised!  :-)

I'd better get started by sorting out the kitchen and ironing those sheets, etc.  Have a good day, everyone, whatever you're doing.  xx


  1. Congratulations on your two pound loss. You're such a great example of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. I'm resigned to my weight continuing to climb until I finish my studying, then I can spend my time being more active and getting fit again.
    I hope your bowl will be OK. I'm looking forward to seeing it. X

    1. Thanks. My graph loks very zig-zaggy right now, but I WILL get there, I swear I will. Just 13 lbs to go now.
      How much longer have you got to study?

    2. I'm hoping, if I put my mind to it, it will be until the end of July, although there might be a few loose ends to tie up. X

  2. Do hope your pottery doesn't fall apart.
    Watching my garden tour made me really notice all the weeds in the gravel drive way - a huge problem, to big for me to tackle. Expensive to sort out I think. :-(
    have a good day, hope it brightens up a bit

    1. Me too!!!
      These gravel patches seem the easiest was to go but they don't really stop those weeds, do that? Actually, does anything really, short of a nuclear bomb, and even then . . . give them time.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss and a big pat on the back for finishing your decluttering in the bedroom.

    I hope your pottery bowl works out as you want and stays in one piece. Photos please 😀