Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A tuna recipe

Well, hardly a recipe because I bet most of my readers already know it, but it was jolly nice so I'm sharing it.

Take one tin of no-drain tuna and empty it into a chopper/zizzer thing.  Add some low fat mayo or salad cream (the end result will taste different, of course, so it's what you prefer).  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice and some spices, if you like (to taste) - I didn't.  No salt as I used tuna in brine and that made it salty enough.  Zizz it well until it is the texture you want.  Add more mayo if needed.
Spoon it out and spread it on delicious home made wholemeal bread and butter.  Eat and enjoy.

It makes quite a lot.  I used half and the rest in in a pot in the fridge for tomorrow.

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