Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday morning

It's raining - in fact it's been raining for a while, judging by the state of the ground.  Unfortunately it is also very humid, something I find hard to cope with, so the fan is on already.  However, when I opened my mail box I found the most encouraging message from someone I hardly know who uses forums I help to moderate.  That's made my day and suddenly the rain and humidity don't seem to matter.  It's amazing the difference a few words of kindness and appreciation make.  I must do it more often myself.

In the end I roasted half of the big green round courgette with some onion and some mini plum tomatoes in a mixture of garlic oil, olive oil and a little butter and had it with some meatballs in a rich gravy.  It was absolutely delicious!  Tonight I think I will fry some slices in a little butter and have it with runner beans (from dad's garden) and some meat something from the freezer.  As I'm going away I am trying to use up all the bits and bobs - can't leave bits and bobs for a house sitter, that would be very rude!!

I also managed to get ALL the ironing done, which is amazing, plus a little bit of mending of a skirt where the waistband was only some wide elastic fastened along the top so it kept rolling over, as well as a bit of hem that had come down.  There's more washing to do, of course, it's a never-ending task, but it won't take long.  The kitchen is tidier than it was - always a Good Thing - and the living room is starting to look a bit going-away-ish with piles of things that need to be packed beginning to build up.

Do you remember the photo of the crocosmia lucifer that looked so colourful.  Sadly, it's more or less over now and the things are seeding madly.  Time to chop off their heads I think and to move some around to the front.  George was going to come over today but not in this weather, so maybe tomorrow or Thursday I can ask him to do that for me.  There's also some plants that need chopping back again and a French lavender that has to come out as it's in the wrong place entirely.  I could try to take cuttings but to be honest it looks very unhappy where it is, very crowded and I doubt the cuttings would take as there's not enough growth.

While I've been typing this I've also been crunching my breakfast toast - home made bread with home made strawberry jam.  Delicious!  Better stop now and get on with a few jobs or the day will be gone and I will have achieved nothing! 

And that would never do!

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