Friday, 24 August 2012

Home, sweet home!

All over for another year now.  We all agree that it's been the best yet and I can't believe how lucky we have been with the weather.  It's supposed to turn wet and nasty over the weekend too.  Last year we were the guests who wished we had chosen the week before - this year we're the fortunate ones.

Not a bad journey either.  A bit of a tailback at the Dartford Tunnel, but I've known it a LOT worse.  Something we did notice - people are driving much more slowly on the M25.  Perhaps it is to save petrol.  Usually I am pootling along at 70 in the inside lane with cars whizzing past.  This time 70 was the middle lane with both cars and lorries going a lot slower on the inside and  the cars on the outside lane really weren't going all that much faster.  Precious little vrooming past this time.

And so now we move on.  This time we weren't able to book for next summer - they are not sure they are accepting booking as the farmhouse is having some pretty significant work done - garages, en suites, extension, a new, circular driveway . . .  So we have to wait, save and see.  We are top of the waiting list and they will let us know as soon as they know.  The chances are that it will be fine, but it felt odd leaving without knowing we were coming back.  It's become a second home to us in a way.

Things feel a bit flat . . .

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