Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday morning

A collection of courgettes.

Aren't these lovely.  They're all courgettes from DD's allotment.  She brought them round yesterday - about 1/3 of what she has picked in the past few days.  I can see I am going to have a courgette based diet over the next fortnight or so - indeed, when we were planning menus for Streele Farm, courgettes figured very prominently.

This evening, maybe I am going to stuff one of the round ones with a savoury mince mixture and bake it with grated cheese over the top.  That should be scrummy.  I will need to halve and de-seed, then brush it over with oil and gently roast until almost cooked, before adding the mince.  Either that, maybe or chop it us into chunks and roast in a little garlic oil with other veg - new potatoes, onion, red pepper, tomatoes, etc, and with some chunks of chicken.  Or I could google for a new recipe.  Decisions, decisions!  Any suggestions, gentle readers?

I'm definitely getting into bad habits.  It was just after midnight when I went to bed and after eight when I woke this morning.  This will never do!!  I'm missing the best part of the day this way.  However, one good thing.  I went to bed (and therefore woke up) to a shiny sink. 

Today is all homey stuff.  I have a huge pile of ironing to do and I'd like to dust and Dyson the living room (which constitutes the major part of my downstairs, being open plan from the hall, round the corner into the dining area).  And I want to get the suitcase down and start putting necessary things in it, which means making a List Of Things To Pack.  And I need to prepare the bedroom for my nice house sitter too, but that can be done later in the week.  I also expect there will be emails to answer from the fallout following the Friday evening/Saturday morning hoo haah, not something I'm particularly looking forward to but necessary.  I will miss the Olympics too, something I really never thought I would say.

Better finish my porridge and get started then!  Happy day, everyone!

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