Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday morning

Wasn't it a gorgeously sunny day yesterday?  It was here, anyway.  Warm and pleasant with a bit of a breeze most of the time.  It was Ok when I went to bed too but a couple of hours later I woke feeling very hot and sticky.  On went the fan and it was better again but I did rather envy, in a sleepy sort of way, those with air conditioning in their bedroom (yes, M and D, I mean you!!). 

This morning I woke to glorious sunshine, but I gather that bad weather if very much on the way and I can see already that the sun is dimmer and the sky is no longer blue.  Ho hum - on the day George is coming to garden too.  We will see!

The courgette fritters were really tasty.  It was two eggs to eight tbsp flour (I used SR) and then all the vegetables, cheese and seasonings.  Easy to make, easy to cook, and I have several for the freezer.  Tonight it is courgette bake - vegetables (including courgettes, of course) in a creme fraiche sauce, with breadcrumbs and cheese over the top, baked in the oven.  Scrummy!
For lunch I am finishing off the tuna pate from yesterday so need to get some nice crispbreads to have it on.  All very tasty!

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