Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thursday morning

It's the last day of the holiday today.  We don't count tomorrow as we have to be out of the Barn by ten o'clock.  At this particular moment I wish we could stay here for ever.  The peace, calm and gentle beauty of it all is almost enslaving.  It's not 'real' life here - not for the guests, not this week with its warm, sunny, splashy, lazy days and its cool, star filled nights, a daily paper delivered and no post to have to deal with! 

True teacher that I am, the thought of a new term, a new year and a new class is starting to bounce energetically around my brain.  So  much to do, one week to do it in.  I shall take the weekend 'off' to recover from the idleness of this holiday and to get the washing and ironing sorted, Monday is a bank holiday so, of course, one cannot work!  And then it's in at the deep end.

Yesterday was lovely.  A walk down Blackberry lane to Crocodile Wood for a picnic, then a drive to the bowling alley in Tunbridge Wells followed by a gentle swim.  The water was lovely - just over 30 degrees according to the thermometer, just right for a leisurely up and down, up and down, chatting as we did so.

Most early mornings this week have been misty, quickly burned off by the sun.  This morning was the most beautiful of the week with a clear sky and mysterious hollows.  How can we leave it all?

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