Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday morning

Well, after a day when I failed to actually end up at school at all (yes, you read that correctly) I have to today as I'm meeting my colleague to plan for next week.  I'm guessing she's as reluctant as I am because she's set the time for 11:00, after going to a friend's for coffee!!  What happened yesterday - well . . . er . . . I went food shopping and then . . . er . . . well, you know.   Yes, you do!

On a more optimistic note, that chicken korma recipe was the tops.  It was totally delicious.  I was somewhat dubious at first but I was wrong.  OK, I did change it slightly.  I didn't have rice with it and I added yogurt instead of that bit of cream at the end, because I preferred it that way.  I found I didn't have any saffron (thought I did) so I had to add that later.  Also, very, very un-ethnically, I added some peas and broad beans to the mix at the end: oh,. and two chopped apricots.  And you know what - it was absolutely delicious.  I made the sauce in the morning and added the rest just before eating and, as I'd cut the recipe down to half, I have another portion waiting for another day.  I wish I'd made the full amount now, but there you go; if I'd hated it, there would have been more waste.

For dessert I tried the breakfast fruit trick also on the H D programme - that of gently heating soft fruit in a non stick pan with a little mixed spice before serving with yogurt.  I also added just a tiny drizzle of maple syrup and it was really wonderful.  So this morning I am doing the same but with added plums and on a couple of toasted crumpets.  Now, crumpets to me speak of cold winter evenings sitting round the fire with butter oozing down your chin from where it has leaked through the holes of the toasted crumpet, so it will be interesting to see how they taste with spicy fruit, yogurt and honey.  Hopefully, delicious.
(Edited later to say yes it was, yum yum yum, won't be long before I do that again!)

And as for today.  Yes, into school although I really, really don't want to.  Into school to plan and prepare the bay for next Tuesday.  Sigh!

On a happier note, I'm trying the sweet and sour chicken tonight.  After the success of the korma, I have high hopes.  And I will perhaps have just a little rice, we will see.  It depends how veg packed the sweet and sour looks.  I bought some chicken thighs yesterday, for the sweet and sour and also for the cassoulet, which I want to make on Friday.  The s&s asks for chicken breast, but I reckon thigh has a better flavour and it's just as quick and easy to cook.  I'd better go into the kitchen and de-skin and de-bone it and mix up the sauce so it's all ready when I get home, whenever that will be.

Both this and the korma recipe have a dauntingly long list of ingredients at first glance.  I'm a girl who favours the 'five ingredients' type of cooking!  However, when you look more carefully, most of what they ask for is cupboard stuff - herbs, spices, condiments . . . and I have most of that already, so these recipes are not worryingly expensive either.

You can find the sweet and sour recipe here

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