Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

Yesterday was quite different, weather wise, from Sunday.  Yes, we did have a bit of sun, but it was mostly dull and cloudy and by early evening the rain was falling.  Good for the re-planted trees, I thought!

We are 'giving up' half of our allotment space.  It's just too much to manage and rather than pay for it and leave it neglected, we are moving everything we want to keep across to the other space before handing it back to the association.

Two little trees were moved on Saturday, not by us but by some allotment helpers.  An apple and a pear.  Added to that is my redlove and a Victoria plum from Beth's patch at home.  We will need to keep them carefully pruned and they are dwarf varieties anyway but we are crossing our fingers that they will all survive the move and live to give us fruit for years to come.

Beth and I were both down there yesterday morning.  While Beth planted her plum, I got going with the lawn mower.  It's amazing the difference a haircut makes to the look of the place, even though the grass is coarse and weedy.  We talked about what to do next and then parted company.

When I got home, after mowing my own tiny patch of lawn and sorting out the equipment in the car, I did a little bit more gardening at the back.  There wasn't much to do although I am getting fed up with the bulb leaves dying back and may chop them back down soon.

I ordered some little tomato plants at the weekend so I dug over and fed the miniscule place where they are going and I had another think about what should go in the ex-redlove pot.

Do you remember, several years ago I had a sambucus nigra Black Beauty (a type of elder) and called it 'the bush that thought it was a tree' because it just got bigger and bigger and bigger.  Eventually I had it out, mostly thanks to George, my young garden helper at the time.  It was a lovely plant with very attractive dark leaves and beautifully fragranced flowers.
Borrowed from Google - just what my old one looked like.  Such a beauty.
So I have decided to get another to go in the pot.  Yes, it will eventually get too large, but restricting the root growth might slow down the rate of growth and anyway, it will be beautiful.  So I have ordered one!

The rest of the day was taken up with crocheting (I was trying to design a little lacy dress), ironing, bread making and so on.  It was very pleasant and without any of the 'heavy' feeling regarding work and so on.

I've also bought a couple of pine carver chairs but more about them another time!

Today's food:
B:  Marmite on toast
L:  Ham salad
D:  chicken and tomato stir fry

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