Monday, 9 May 2016


All over now, apart from finishing off the leftovers.  We had a lovely celebration yesterday, quiet and small, just right for Alex.  We'll be having a larger family get together in the summer once exams and work experience are done and dusted.

His gifts were all laid out with 'this is your life' type messages for each year of his life.  It was perfect.  Clever Beth!

Here's one of them

. . . and the gift was a promise of some driving lessons.  He also got a fair amount of cash to go towards lessons too.

So now we are back to normal again.  Allotment this morning and bread baking this afternoon.  Life goes on.

After yesterday's blow-out, today's food will be simple.  There's not too many leftovers as Beth and Al took plenty with them.
B:  fruit - apple, orange, grapes
L:  simple salad - lettuce, peppers, carrot, tomatoes and maybe some home made coleslaw
D:  cold meat with new pots and peas.

Have a great day!


Diane said...

Looks like a super day well done the ladies

Joy said...

Thanks - it was lovely!
J x

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