Tuesday, 17 May 2016


The sun is shining again, the sky is a beautiful blue (but it hasn't a hood*), it is cool but not cold: what more could I ask?

Yesterday strolled gently through the day.  I baked, I stitched, I paid a bill and took some ID stuff into school, it was all very civilised.

Then, in the evening, it was the new series of Sewing Bee.  The reviews aren't wonderful but I loved it.  I thought it was fascinating.  Lots of interesting info and things to appreciate.  But then I sew, don't I?
The Great British Sewing Bee
Looking forward to next week's episode.

Today I shall be in school until playtime and then we're possibly going to visit some local 'interesting places'.  Retirement is definitely growing on me, no doubt about that at all.

* Extra points if you know the reference


joanygee said...

Retirement grows on us all, doesn't it. Enjoy the freedom, it's priceless. Jx

Joy said...

It is really lovely and I am enjoying it all very much. :-)
J x

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