Saturday, 28 May 2016


Firstly, apologies to all grammar nerd readers for the random apostrophe that escaped and hid in yesterday's entry.  It has now been banished!  Cheeky so and so!

Welcome to the Bank Holiday weekend.  I'm staying very much at home, are you.  Already there are reports of dreadful queues on motorways as people try to escape.  I think I prefer to stay at home and that's just what I am doing!

Yesterday Beth came round and we had a lovely chat.  She's been very busy with her end of module assignment so it's well over a week since we last caught up with stuff.  She's nearly finished now, this is the last assignment and then she just has a level one course to do to get her degree.  I am incredibly proud of her.  It's been a long, hard slog with an awful lot else going on to complicate things, so many ups and downs along the way and she's just stuck at it through thick and thin.

In the morning I popped round to Aldi, not for food shopping but because I am running out of things like washing up liquid, washing capsules, shampoo, conditioner, etc.  I get all that from Aldi now.  Not only is it a lot cheaper, it is also great stuff and works well for me.  I'm now stocked up for several weeks.  However, there was no bread flour.  I don't know if they've stopped doing it or if they are just out but aaaarrrggghhh.  I shall have to check Lidl now!

After dithering about when to put the little tomato plants out I remembered that I always get them out just before half term (report writing avoidance, to be honest) so I set to and now five little tomato plants are looking remarkably happy out there and I swear they have grown since last night!  I am waiting for one to arrive.  The five now out are sungold and the one I'm waiting for is an Italian plum.  I love them for cooking - lots more flesh on them, you see.  I just had sungolds last year and missed having a choice!

That's about it as far as my own garden is concerned.  I just have the tomato and the delphinium to plant when they arrive and then it is a case of feeding, watering and generally cossetting in hopes that they will reward me well in a few months' time.

Today I have to pop into town quickly for a few buts and bobs.  Then I have a friend coming over for a girly chat.  She's staying overnight and the guest room is all ready.  It should be a lovely day.

Food today:
B:  fruit and yogurt, rice cake and cottage cheese
L:  hummus with oatcakes and crudites, lettuce, tomato
D:  salmon with mange tout and new potatoes, fruit jelly and yogurt.


Diane said...

I am staying very much at home this weekend and the weather forecast said dry today so I have got the machine going full tilt and lo and behold it is raining.

didn't I pacifically tell you about the apostrophe here did you think you was at?

Joy said...

I didn't get a comment from you yesterday so ?????

It's been very dull here with just a bit of sunshine but generally it is dry. What a nuisance about your washing.

J x

Rachelradiostar said...

I always feel cheated when a Bank Holiday is included in half term LOL ! Sounds like your garden us coming in a treat. I was a bit heartless and put my tomatoes in my hanging basket a week ago! This year I plan on sun drying my tomato harvest! So the sun better flipping well come out! Else I'll just do them in the oven like I normally do!

Joy said...

Just remember that without them the holidays would be that much shorter! :-)
Sun drying sounds interesting - what do you do? And do you then store them in oil or what?
J x

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