Saturday, 14 May 2016


Do you live near to Southend?

Beth and I will be having a table at craft fair today at Westcliff Free Church, 635, London Road in Westcliff, Southend between 11 and 3.

It is in support of the lovely Jen Snow and her super organisation Craftable. 
Craftable brings together people with long term physical and mental health issues who might otherwise be isolated, through the medium of craft. If you are local, it was in the paper last week. 

smile emotico
Anyway it is a great cause so please do support if you can.
As well as our own Kitty Stitches stuff (craft kits, keyrings, table runners, dolls blankets, bags etc...) there will be other craft stalls plus some other bits and bobs like Body Shop, a healthy living info stand, etc.

Look for two stout ladies and a stall packed with crafty goodies!


Chrissie said...

Good luck! I wish I lived nearby but I'm miles away sadly - still fingers crossed you have a great day and make loads of money for your very good cause

Rachelradiostar said...

If I did, I would! X

Joy said...

Thank you, ladies. It was a lot of fun and we met some lovely people.
J x

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