Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday - yet again!

I came down this morning, drew the curtains and opened the French window and it's lovely outside.  A bit on the chilly side yet (so the door got closed pretty quickly) but it's going to be another really lovely day, you can tell.  I gather it is set to continue through the weekend too, with possible storms.

I had a gently busy day yesterday with three loads of washing washed and dried (but not ironed - that's this evening's job) and downstairs looking remarkably tidy, given that there's a load of crafty stuff there.  I went and voted (police thingybob only).  No sneezing because I had taken a tablet but when I opened the back door it all came back so that settles it; the hay fever has landed, somewhat earlier than usual.

Yesterday I baked chocolate cake and fruit muffins for the meeting.  As often happens, when you want things to bake really well they don't.  The chocolate cake didn't rise much and the muffins went a bit funny on top.  However, they tasted wonderful which is what it is all about and I'm glad that I have leftovers to freeze for treats in the next little while.
This is what it's supposed to look like, courtesy of Google.  Mine looks similar but not so risen.  It's still delicious and not all that 'solid' and I blame the wrong size of loaf tin.  I have now ordered some seven inch tins because I couldn't find mine anywhere and will want to make this cake again because it is delicious.  You can find the recipe here
Does anyone here watch the Hair Bikers' programme about pubs?  I have rather a soft spot for Dave and Si so make it a daily date when I can!  It is on BBC2 at 6:30 each evening and yesterday's was fascinating - all about London pubs and the Great Fire of London.  I hope some of our year twos were watching as they really enjoy the history theme they do on the same subject (great fire, not pubs!).

I didn't sit out in the garden because by the time I was ready there wasn't long to go before people were due to arrive and I wanted to hear the bell.  It's only just occurred to me that my door bell is a cordless affair with an extension that I can take around the house with me, if necessary, which includes out in the garden.  Must remember that for future lazinesses.

Today Beth is coming round and we are preparing for a Very Important Day on Sunday.  I also have the cleaners round at some point.  How to reconcile the two is the challenge of the day!

The other challenge is to sort out my fridge which is, frankly, looking like a dog's dinner.  I need to take everything out, check dates and so on, wipe over the shelves and . . . oh the whole kit and caboodle, in fact.  It's bothering me every time I open that fridge door.

Today's food:
B:  fruit, I think.
L:  depends what I find lurking in the fridge
D:  a chicken dish of some kind but, again, it depends what's in the fridge.

But first, coffee and a trawl around my social places.  What a civilised start to the day, don't you think?

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