Monday, 2 May 2016

Garden update

Now that things have started moving again, here's some photos.

Loadsa strawberries soon, I hope.

The Japanese anemone is coming up strongly.  I read that they are very invasive so I will need to be ruthless. 

I have several aquilegias scattered around and they will be flowering soon.

The rosemary is always a picture at this time of year although some of it flowered in January/February this year.

I didn't realise oregano spread so rapidly.  Another one to be ruthless with, I suspect.

Strawberries to the left and tomatoes to the right, all well fed with granular thingies.

And finally, every year I say I will move the lily of the valley to a bed when flowering is over and every year I forget.  This started off as a couple of plants so it's doing well.  MUST remember this year, even if it means a few years of leaves only again.  These are from Mum and Dad's garden.

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