Friday, 13 May 2016


Goodness, I am bleary eyed this morning.

Fiddler on the Roof was fab.  Trinity Music and Drama put on a good show and this was top notch.

Once home, Jackie and I started chatting over some nibbles and a bottle of good red wine she had brought with her and before we knew it, it was well past one o'clock.  As I woke at around five after a restless night punctuated by 'Sunrise, Sunset' earworming its way into my dreams, I am now pretty tired.  It was worth it though.

My tomato plug plants arrived yesterday after three days in transit (not brilliant) but I bunged them straight into pots and they have picked up well.  They'll spend a couple of weeks being mothered inside before I put them out at the end of May.

I got a pleasant surprise when looking at the middle bed - I saw something was coming up and, thinking it was a weed, looked closer.  It's not a weed, it's a fuschia coming up.  Nice one!  I remember it as a very pretty pale pink flower which should be perfect for where it is.

Today will be a busy day.  Beth and I are getting things ready for the craft fair we are taking part in tomorrow.  Sorting out our things, pricing them, etc.  So I have to stay awake.

B:  toast and melon
L:  beans on toast
D:  crustless quiche and salad (leftover from yesterday)


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