Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hyde Hall 27-10-15

Good morning, gentle readers.  It seems to be a fairly pleasant morning, a bit misty and with a real nip in the air but the sort of day that is likely to brighten into Autumn sunshine later on.

Yesterday was a day that didn't seem to know whether it wanted to turn into a gloriously sunny Autumnal day or not.  It was dry but quite dull at times and I was crossing fingers for the sun as someone I know got married.  You will be glad to know that the sun did emerge and by wedding time it was lovely.  I was so glad for her.

After my Hyde Hall lunch on Tuesday, I looked up some recipes for walnut bread and had a go.  It worked well, making a tasty loaf of bread that's going to be made time and time again, for sure.  Beth and I will have some for lunch to go with our quiche and the other loaf is now in the freezer, intended for use at Christmas!  It's so nice I have blogged about it in t'other place.

Yesterday, I did something I have never done before.  I went to read Thrifty Lesley's site and she was recommending in glowing terms a book she had just bought.  It's a River Cottage book called 'Love your Leftovers' by the great Hugh F-W and I'm afraid it called to me so irresistibly that not only did I buy one (I know, I said no more cookery books, but . . .), but (and this is what I've never done before) paid extra for delivery today.  See how dangerously I live!
It probably won't arrive until tomorrow now!
It was the words 'recipe templates that can be applied . . .' that really did it - that's just so me - and by the time I got to 'ingenious ideas for Christmas leftovers' I didn't stand a chance!  I hope it lives up to the hype.
I'll let you know and might even do a review!

I feel a bit unsettled this morning.  I * might * be working tomorrow but I don't know for sure.  That being so, I will do what I would normally do tomorrow (ie bread) this afternoon, just in case.  I'll make my own bread this morning.  I can do the ironing which I watch the Strictly results programme in the evening.

Lunch is quiche.  I know we had it last Monday but I want to get to grips with the process - create my own 'recipe template' if you like.  And while I am on this subject, many thanks to Diane who contacted a 'cooking guru' friend of hers for information about the milk/egg ratio thing.  The information he sent was very useful and I'm so grateful!

Today's food
Breakfast:  two slices of walnut bread and butter.  No, not what I had planned but there you go!
Lunch: quiche, salad, walnut bread.
Dinner:  Peppercorn chicken kiev (I know - processed - but they were reduced to 59p for two so what's a girl to say?), peas, carrots.

Have a lovely, restful day.  Sending many good wishes to those I know will not be having a restful day today - you know who you are.

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