Friday, 6 November 2015


The pumpkin patch at Hyde Hall: 27-10-15

How quickly had I forgotten the joy of waking on a Friday morning and thinking 'it's nearly the weekend'!  It all came back in force about fifteen minutes ago!

To add to that, there is also the joy of having a little laddie coming to you from the other class to show you some words he has written on his whiteboard that use the spelling rule you have just taught his phonic group involving split digraph e - AND using the correct terminology (and telling his teacher he loves Mrs Clark - aaaaahhhhhhhhh).  Or the delight of watching a little lass stumble her way through the pronunciation of 'exclamation mark', getting there eventually after several trips over her own tongue to both our satisfactions.

It was easier again yesterday.  I think we (the class and I - are going through a similar process to the one at the start of a new school year only in miniature.  The first few days are 'wait and see', the third day is 'where are the boundaries?' and yesterday was 'OK, now we know, we can settle).

I am hopeful that next week will go very well now that we have gone through the preliminaries together and I am absolutely sure that they will welcome their teacher back with open arms in due course.

There are plenty of indications that I'm back in full time teaching, albeit for a very  short time.  The house is a superficial mess (and the cleaners come today so I have to sort it out and quick), the washing has remained in the machine for several days and there's a funny pong coming from the fridge.  I think it is sprouts or it could be broccoli - anyway, that sort of pong.  Not nice!

One good thing is that the teacher for whom I am covering doesn't have a morning playground duty this half term.  However, to balance that, I have two and a half afternoon duties (two one week and three the next), one of which is mine on a Tuesday and the others being hers.

And now, having waffled on about things probably of little interest to you I will shut up and tidy the downstairs of the house ready for the cleaners.  I shall enjoy coming home this evening!


Anonymous said...

...and I'm enjoying your waffles! No, seriously, I find all most interesting and love it when you talk about your littlies and daily life! Keeeeep waffling ... :-) (which reminds me, who's going to be voted off tomorrow?)

BeckyAnne said...

The details make your day come to life for me.

Joy said...

That's very kind, ladies, thank you - and I have no idea! It's all very surprising at the moment with the worst dancera being kept in - popularity votes, I guess.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

I love how you clean your house ready for the cleaners!!!

Joy said...

LOL - well, not exactly. I tidy it! The thing is, if it is messy, they spend their time tidying rather than cleaning and I want them to clean! Luckily, my mess is usually very superficial and is a matter of putting things away properly rather than cleaning!
J x