Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Hyde Hall 27-10-15

Two down, three to go.

I felt much brighter by the end of yesterday than I did on Monday at 3:30.  Partly it is because I am getting to know the children better.  Two hours once a week wasn't really all that conducive to remembering all their names but two consecutive days has really done the trick!  Partly it is because I'm rapidly getting into the swing of things again.  The curriculum may change, styles may change but how to teach doesn't really change.

You may have guessed by now that yesterday was a lovely day!  You may be right!

However, the icing on the Tuesday Cake came after school as I was checking my emails.

Alex, my quirky, clever, hardworking, character-packed, autistic grandson has been awarded not just one but two school prizes.  Those following this blog longer term will know that three years and a few months ago Al transferred from his wonderful special school to a mainstream school.  This year he passed all his GCSEs A* to C.

One prize is a year prize for academic progress.  I'm guessing maths but really it could be any subject he took because he'd done hardly any mainstream curriculum in most subjects before transfer.
The other has just blown me right out of the water.  It is a 'special prize for exceptional personal endeavour.

Wow!    Just - WOW!


Chrissie said...

Congratulations to Alex - he sounds like an amazing young man!

Joy said...

Well, I think he is but them I am a bit biased. Obviously the school thinks so too. :-)
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

That's a wonderful bit of news you shared! Well done that young man!

Joy said...

It is a superb achievement, Rachel, thank you, and words cannot express how proud of him I am and how amazing he is . . . There are still tears in my eyes when I think of it. Good tears, happy tears.
J x