Monday, 30 November 2015


Thank you to everyone who has sent me good wishes.  I think things are on the up now, the voice is increasingly better, the cough is 'breaking up' (which is disgusting but potentially easier!) and I also feel a bit better in myself too.

Suffice it to say, yesterday was a bit miserable at times but I had a lovely sleep after dinner (midday) and that helped a lot.  Later on I made the mistake of eating some nuts which set the cough off for a while but that was my own silly fault and I should have known better.

After lunch (and sleep) Eddie came round and now the new PC is up and running.  I have to get used to it now.  Windows 10 - eeeeek!  For a while I will still be able to access my old PC, just in case things get too much.

New (to me) technology terrifies me.  I am always afraid of making a mistake, breaking something, getting something wrong.  In reality that's unlikely but even so . . .  I have, despite this, managed to get my Chrome up and running but Outlook has defeated me so far although I know Eddie did something because I saw it on the screen!  I shall have to switch back to the old PC for that for now.

I have to say, it is wonderful to get an instant response from the PC rather than having to wait seconds while it realises I spoke to it!

As well as sorting that out, Eddie also helped to get the new Jacquie Lawson advent calendar on the laptop and the PC.  I am sad that this year I won't be sharing it with a class but that's life and I can still enjoy it myself.  Every year I have put her advent calendar on my school laptop and it has been part of the morning routine to open the next day and enjoy the bit of Christmas excitement that come with it.  For the last two years, once all the children got mailboxes on DB Primary, I have also sent them a daily email with an interactive seasonal card so that they can open it at home.  That was very popular!
At least I won't need to fiddle the date on the computer so we can look ahead at that happens after the end of term!  And that reminds me - there are a couple of new cards on her site.  Must go and see.
Jacquie Lawson's card sight is fantastic.  Yes, you have to subscribe, but the cards are wonderful and it has proved a very frugal option over the years.  Do go over there and take a look - play around with the cards, etc, which you can do without logging in.  The address is:
A scene from one of her Interactive Cards
Today:  well, I will go and do my bit for the parents' association this morning but not until the bread has baked and cooled.  Shows how much better I am feeling - yesterday I was on the verge of emailing and say I would bring it in on Tuesday.  I'm glad I didn't now!

OK, today's mission is to upload some photos from the camera into Photoshop which Eddie installed and checked for me.  Fingers crossed!
The other important job is to finish sorting out what is left of the turkey.  Yesterday I boiled up the carcass long and slow.  Right now the rather nice looking stock is straining into a bowl.  I shall reduce it down and then freeze it, I think, after using what I need for the rest of the turkey.

But first - the bread is rising well and I need coffee.

Today's food:
Breakfast: toast and marmalade.
Lunch: soup from the freezer
Dinner:  Turkey pasta, I think, in a creamy sauce as I have some left over from the weekend but not enough to freeze really.  Naughty but nice.


Chrissie said...

I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner - or even know that you were ill until you were already getting better! But obviously glad you are getting better!

Joy said...

Don't worry about that at all, Chrissie, and thank you! I've just left a message on your blog.
J x