Thursday, 12 November 2015


Hyde Hall: 27-10-15

I can't believe it is Thursday already.  Incredible!  Where has the time flown?  Two days and it is the weekend again.

I gather the weather is due to get colder or, as someone said, more normal for the time of year.  I am quite looking forward to some frosts that zip up the air and turn the environment into a thing of beauty.  As for snow - bring it on!

School is going . . .  I'm getting old and slowing down.  Last night I went to bed before most of the children, probably.  Before seven.  A quick read and I was out like a light.  I can't say I slept soundly all night.  I did keep waking but only for short times and when I woke at three I felt fantastic!

I'm enjoying some hot coffee right now but, sadly, have gone back on the caffeinated variety.  I will have to sort that one out when the pressure stops!  At the moment I am committed for the rest of this week and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week and then I have a visitor so a good reason to say 'no, sorry'.  The planning is all done and I will leave things for whoever takes the class so the guilt is minimal!

It will be lovely to get back to things I love doing.  I have a list!

I also want to start trying new recipes again.  I've been reading Jack Monroe's latest blog entry based on a set of articles they have had published and I shall have a go at some of them and maybe try the whole week once my queue of visitors has died down, although I will have to adapt as it will be feeding one, not four.
The link is here and makes interesting reading for those interested in workable frugality.

I'd better stop now.  I have planning to sort out, a home to tidy and more coffee to drink.  Have a good day and may the sun shine on you.

Edited:  Oh, dear, I did feel fine but now I am feeling sick and giddy and aching all over.  Not nice at all.  I am going back to bed after sending a message to school, I think.  Hoping it is just a one day thing.  :-(

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