Sunday, 15 November 2015


Found on Google.  Hope it works.

Good morning, gentle readers.  What nasty weather we have been having recently.  It's very gusty and squally here with rain on and off although it's not particularly cold, or wasn't last time I checked.  The garden is now flooded, not with water but with autumn leaves!

Yesterday was a bit of a washout.  I stayed in my chair, laptop on my knee but didn't get much done really.  It was probably not wise to go shopping but there you go, it is easy to be wise afterwards.  It was part tiredness, part lethargy, I think, as I am feeling better in myself.

There's not much else to say really.

Today I have to get things ready for school.  Three more days.  I need to deal with the pineapple, even if the results go straight into the freezer.  I need to make the bread for my customers.  Everything else can wait!

Have a good day.


Annabeth said...

The leaves are floating down nicely!!

Glad you're feeling a bit better and best wishes for next week! (just try not to overdo it ..)

joanygee said...

Lovely autumnal gif. Jx

Joy said...

I'm glad it worked. I never know how to do these things, you see. Maybe I should try more.
I liked it too. I love watching the leaves drift down.
J x