Monday, 16 November 2015


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. . . and back to work for three days after which I have a much welcomed visitor so won't be able to finish the week at school.

Regular readers might remember that a while ago I ate according to the 'Breadline Challenge' which meant that all my food and drink came to a maximum of £2.20 per day which, for simplicity's sake, I reduced to £2.00 with herbs and spices thrown in for free.  It was organised as a fund raiser by FreeCycle although I did it out of time, longer term and did not seek sponsors in any way.

I had a great time accounting for every penny, making, costing, freezing when necessary and making it all work for me although after a while I lost enthusiasm and it died a death.  Lessons learned did not though, I am glad to say.

The Breadline Challenge has come around again with a few changes, the most important of which is that they now say one is allowed to spend £2.86 a day, nearly £3.00 which is a huge increase and very telling about how food has increased in price.  It also contrasts significantly and sharply with Live Below The Line which, as far as I know, remains at £1.00 a day although I'm not sure that is achievable now in the way it was two years ago.

On the other hand, I'm not sure how challenging a bit over £20 a week or £85.80 for a thirty day month actually is.  I know I could eat well on that AND afford coffee!  Yes, I would need to look for the specials and the yellow stickers but I do that a fair bit now.  I use Aldi flour to make my own bread.  I look at the Savers/Value options before making decisions.  On Saturday I got a very decent looking leg of pork from Aldi that was one of their specials for the week and which would provide me with meat for several days, perhaps following some of Jack Monroe's recipes which appeared in the mirror last week.  A chicken would certainly do me several days finishing with a great stock for lunchtime home made (and therefore cheap)soups.  I can make a large loaf or two small loaves and a few rolls for a maximum of 35p.  I have home made jams and chutneys,

The FAQ document can be found here.  I can't follow it right now as I have three weeks of visitors (on and off) followed by a variety of Christmas based stuff but come the New Year I think I might follow it for a while, if only to get the eating back on track.  The challenge will be to provide myself with a varied and interesting diet that stops me from getting bored!

Moving on - yesterday was a day when I felt myself getting better and better.  I made the bread.  I made the chutney.  I ate too much but stayed awake for most of the day, ensuring a very good night's sleep.  Today, as I said, is back to school but I won't be doing the whole week and after that things should get back to normal.

It's still very mild outside but the word is out on Facebook (however reliable that is!) that it's going to get a whole lot colder by Friday and, possibly, some snow on low ground.  Not here thought, I bet!  It never does.

Time for coffee . . .


Rachelradiostar said...

It never snows here either Joy! But I do only want the snow when I don't have to go out! I just had the worst news a TA3 can get on a Monday morning. The Teacher isn't in, so it's me today. At least I've got two PGCE students in with me too. ( chocolate fire guard springs to mind - they are lovely but not born to teach! ) I'm a bit crabby this morning! Stayed up too late. It doesn't help that the majority of the blogs I follow are written by people who do not work full time! My blue eyes are green today! I'll have a brilliant day, I love my job! Xx

Rachelradiostar said...

And I do love my job, but today I won't be able to do MY job! *huffs n puffs*

Diane said...

I recon to get 9 good meals from one medium sized chicken plus a couple of dogs dinners. 3 from the roast 3 from the leftovers and 3 from the stock plus a bit of rice.

Joy said...

I don't blame you for being crabby. Seriously, it's not an LSA's job to take the class as a supply teacher. Couldn't the school find anyone?
The PGCEs are learning and I bet they're learned from you today. I hope the day has gone well.

Diane, I guess to a certain extent it depends on the size of the chook. I tend to get smaller ones because it is just me. However, I reckon roast chicken is one the most frugal things you can get, if you really make the most of everything - as we both seem to do.
J x

Rachelradiostar said...

LOL they will have learnt how to raar at children! I was a bit of a shouty mare. I The kids were bloody chatty n loud!! ( they are like that for the teacher ) but we also did an RE lesson my way ( one of mine from my HLTA days ) and yes it was challenging but getting feedback from them I discovered they liked it! School uses us BC we save them a lot of money basically.

Joy said...

Yes, and money is getting to be quite an issue again, isn't it? I'm glad it went OK and you were satisfied at the end.
J x