Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's chilly, clear and dry but seems to have been raining at some point.  IPod says it is just 1C out there which is brrrrrrrrrr so I suppose there might be a bit of frost.  However, the heating is on and it's cosy inside.

I can't say I'm 100% but well enough to go back to school again.  The aches are diminishing and apart from a little sinus ache, which will respond to meds, things are on the up and up.  No excuses.  The main problem is with feeling very lethargic and that will go as soon as the children come it, I am sure.

My friend did decide to come, thank goodness, although she kept at a bit of a distance!  We had a nice chat over a dinner consisting of jacket potato with tuna of cheese plus some salad followed by fruit yogurt and continued chatting into the evening.  She's now (hopefully) fast asleep in the guest room and should remain so for a while yet.

I've just bustled around (sure sign of feeling better, don't you think?) getting a few things prepared for the day.  My lunch of beans on toast is all packed and ready, the scrambled egg is raring to go, the coffee is made and the salmon for tonight is out of the freezer and will slowly defrost in the fridge during the day for a simple dinner of steamed salmon, chips and peas tonight.  Everything is ready for school apart from popping the laptop in the box and all I have to do is bath and dress.  Oh, no, there's one more thing - I need to empty the washing machine.

I think I will be glad to get back to school.


Sonja said...

So glad to read you're feeling more with it and you're right, the bustling around is a good sign.
Take great care and have a good day at school.

Joy said...

I spoke too nsoon, Sonja. Have been sent home and they've got a supply in for tomoorrow as well. Ho hum. I suppose there's a big difference between feeling more OK when sitting down at home and when rushing around at school! :-(
J x

joanygee said...

Glad your school has decided to be sensible. Going in when not up to it, often does more harm than good. (No matter what a prickly conscience might want). Jx

Joy said...

You'rew right, Joan. I'm glad I do';t have to go in today too!
J x