Sunday, 22 March 2015


It appears that yesterday was the first day of Spring.  I completely missed that one which is unlike me!   Not that you could tell by the weather which was windy and chilly and hovered between sun and rain for much of the day.

It was such a busy day.  I woke at stupid o'clock so set to and completed the last of the chores reasonably quickly before making tracks to a local party shop to get some nice balloons, Morrisons having failed me.  Unfortunately, it was a nice party shop and I bought more than I intended but never mind, the room did look nice).  Brother didn't take his filled balloon so it's now sitting in my living room looking rather silly!

The food was good.  The two lasagnes and the pasta bake (to accommodate various food issues/choices) were great and there wasn't as much left over as I feared.  Son took some of the gluten free pasta bake and there's one portion leftover for me (now in the freezer).  I portioned out the remains of the lasagne (which was truly delicious!) and now have three meals'-worth frozen.  Beth took the bit of vegetarian lasagne and the remains of the salad.  I do have rather a lot of fresh fruit left over but I will just build that in to my weekly plan which does need looking at anyway.  I wasn't sure how much leftover food I would need to make space for so it's all a bit vague - not good enough for attempts at frugality!

The one disaster was the beer.  Brother and Son both like beer so I got a selection of the good stuff - Old Speckled Hen, Bishop's Finger and several bottles of my own favourite, Two Hoots.
I was fairly dismayed when they both informed me they wouldn't be indulging and one of them said he never drank during the day time!  Well, all I can say is that it must have been his long lost twin brother who stayed here over Christmas, not him!  Ah, well, at least beer keeps!

There was a bit of a disaster after most folk had gone when SOMEone dropped a bottle of beer onto my hard. tiled kitchen floor.  Of course, it shattered into a million bits.  It took ages to clear up and I now have a VERY clean kitchen floor.

So today has to be Saturday.  The bread needs making and I shall be making another batch of Cass' easy and frugal muffins, this time with some cinnamon or allspice and some dried cranberries that really need using fairy quickly. I blogged about the muffin recipe here.

I also want to more or less finish the quilt I am making (first ever so bound to be laden with mistakes) and - silly me - I forgot to copy next week's planning from the server at school onto my laptop so I will have to pop down with the laptop and access the server from the car park - I gather this is a possibility!

Better get started with the dough then and I think breakfast will be a smoothie as I have yogurt to finish off as well as bananas, grapes, melon, etc!  Haven't had a smoothie for simply ages!  Have a good day!


Sonja said...

Sounds as if yesterday was a great success bar the booze, but you will be able to enjoy that at some point so no problem. :o)
Have fun today - hope you're able to access the server from the car park at school.

Joy said...

So do I, Sonja! I can't believe I was so stupid! Ho hum!
J x

Diane said...

Sounds like a great success Joy and I hope your bread turns out better than mine!!!!

Joy said...

I've just read about your bread, Diane. I'm crossing my fingers because if it does rise it should be delicious!
J x

Sonja said...

You weren't stupid at all, Joy - you just had a lot on your mind, especially with your lovely celebrations yesterday. :o)
Hope you are having a lovely day.

Joy said...

:-) Well, stupid or not, I'm just off out to see if I can retrieve it! :-)

joanygee said...

No beer consumed, their loss, not yours. I can imagine you having fun inventing some beery recipes. Jx

Joy said...

LOL - or maybe just drinking it?
J x

Elisabeth Clark said...

It was a delicious meal, and the leftovers which fed us last night, this morning and this lunchtime, were also delicious :)

Joy said...

Thanks, Beth. Glad you enjoyed it!
J x