Thursday, 12 March 2015


Phew.  The last consultation evenings for the school year are done and dusted now.  What with being ill and so on, it has all been more than a little bit hairy in recent weeks and it is a huge, enormous relief that it's all finished, thank goodness.

I'm so looking forward to the weekend, not because there's nothing to do but because there's loads and loads to do.  Next weekend is a family get together to celebrate a significant birthday - two, in fact - and this weekend is set aside to do as much of the baking and preparation as I can manage.  It's not a complicated menu and much of it can be made beforehand and stored in the freezer (how did we manage before freezers?).l  That's the weekend challenge!!!

Guess what I woke with this morning.  A cold.  Yes, a flippin' cold!  I suppose I was vulnerable after last week's virus.  Ah, well, colds are manageable, aren't they?

Have a great day and may your sun shine for you.


Sonja said...

You poor love - my goodness, a cold on top of what you have just had! That is rotten luck, it really is .
The family celebrations sound lovely and great that you are able to get lots of the preparation done in advance.
Take great care and have a good day.

Joy said...

J x