Friday, 13 March 2015


Good morning and welcome to a chilly but not frosty morning here in lovely Essex!  I may not be 100% in health but goodness, I slept well once I nodded off last night after a most enjoyable, if slightly confusing, final of Sewing Bee.  I just wondered about the 'rightness' of the winner's dress being one that no-one in their right mind would wear, ever, to go anywhere.  Or maybe they would.  I just know I wouldn't.  The sewing was good though!

Yesterday was a long and weary day after two consultation evenings, but it ground to its end eventually.  Today is Comic Relief day so we can expect red noses, red merchandise, red everything really.  Oh, and hyper kids!  Just what one needs for some serious story writing and a science investigation.  Isn't life fun!

As already mentioned, this weekend is a cooking and baking weekend in preparateion for the next weekend.  I will be making a large lasagne, a vegetarian lasagne, a pasta bake with gluted free pasta (bought - I tried to make some and it was nasty, very, very nasty) and some tear and share bread.  I have chickened out and will be buying birthday cakes from the lovely JustJules and my other dessert will be a fruit platter plus some cheese and crackers.
Then I have to do some gift baking as well, but I'm saying nowt more about that!

I have to trundle down to a local party shop to get banners, balloons, etc, and there are various usual weekend routines.  It will be all go, won't it?  No peace for the foolish!

Ah well, that's life!  And can it ever be too hard with boiled eggs for breakfast?


Annabeth said...

It's all go but you sound quite upbeat and looking very much forward to the celebration and all the prep for it.

Dare I hope the cold has changed it's mind and found another host???

Joy said...

Cold still around but not imnpacting all that much, thanks! I'm feeling so much better now, you wouldn't believe! :-)
J x