Sunday, 15 March 2015


Well, it was all go yesterday.  I felt as if I was on the go almost all the time (although I wasn't really), I didn't get time for a snooze in the afternoon and I managed to stay awake in the evening.  My goodness, didn't I sleep well overnight though.

I made three loaves of bread (one for now and two in the freezer), six tomato scones (trying a frugal recipe I found and they were very nice so I have blogged the recipe - go and take a look), seven portions of turkey, apple and sage meatballs in a tomato and veg sauce (blogged this too), a flour and yogurt pizza base (because it intrigued me and used a bit of the meat sauce to top it - scrummy), a huge bowl of cheese sauce for the lasagne, pasta (a three egg amount) which I rolled out into lasagne and some very tasty meat sauce

Then I put things together to make a big lasagne, a small vegetarian lasagne and a pasta bake using gluten free pasta.  They are now all in the freezer and will come out Friday evening ready to be baked or re-heated on Saturday morning

Today I have already started off another three loaves, for Beth, and hard boiled an egg.  I have no idea what the latter is for, Beth asked me if I would because her eggs are all out of date and she needs one.

I've decided not to make the tear and share this time but just to go for garlic bread instead.  Lazy?  Maybe.

Not an awful lot to do for next week now.  By chance Friday is hair day (have you remembered, Beth) and I have ordered an extra clean from my lovely cleaning company so I won't have to worry about that either.

It's wet outside!  When I took the pasta dishes out to the freezer last night I was surprised to notice that it was drizzling very lightly and that must have carried on through the night.  It's not as chilly as it felt yesterday morning either.

Well, I had better get going.  I have bread to finish, a huge pile of washing to get through and some ironing to catch up on, not to mention school planning and preparation.  I don't have to prepare a 'proper' lunch today as it seems Beth is making a Mother's Day tea and has warned me that a big lunch would be a Very Bad Idea.  I shall just make some toast and pop jars on the table and have fruit for afters.  I'm tempted to make some banana muffins - maybe I will as they will freeze fine.

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So off I go . . .


Diane said...

If you cook the washing up never ends and I have had to train my men not to put everything in the dishwasher as there is every likelihood that the item will be needed again before my cooking session is ended. I am interested in your pizza base made with yoghurt did it turn out OK I have in the past used a scone dough for the same purpose.

Joy said...

It did, yes. I like a very thin crust, almost like a tortilla, and it came out nice and crispy so I could eat it in my fingers. When I work out the amounts I will try it thicker and see how that goes.
I cleared up as I went along and it wasn't too messy, but I did three loads in the dishwasher through the day when normally I do less than one on average.
J x

Anonymous said...

Oooh, yeast free pizza, sounds fun. Now all I need is a tomato and cheese free topping.

Joy said...

I was trying to work something out along those lines. I wonder how cottage cheese melts. Or one could make a calzone and have it as the outside - it could be filled with salmon or a veg curry or something.
J x

Anonymous said...

This one definitely could not make a calzone - especially considering I thought it was a cream cake . I was thinking more of cooking the base and then maybe adding afterwards - but that's more like an open sandwich. I used to have tuna and sweetcorn on Pizzas, but I suspect that was still on a tomato base as that would have been before I stopped having tomato. Veg curry sounds interesting. x

Joy said...

One could, you know! It's basically a pasty! :-)
J x